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Ghana, Africa may not be the first place you think of when planning your vacation, but it should be on your destination list at least once! If you truly love nature and the great outdoors, Ghana can satisfy every desire you have. The beauty of Africa is astounding, and you will never see sights like this beautiful country has to offer. Fast becoming a popular tourist destination, Africa has something to offer everyone. Not only will the natural beauty of this African country mesmerize you, but that is not the only thing that will capture your attention.

There are delights to satisfy even the most discerning traveler, from food that will delight your palate, shopping like you have never done, nightlife that will amaze you, festivals, and of course, the miles of gorgeous sandy beaches. If you think Africa is just a jungle, think again and be prepared to change your mind once you arrive. Tourism is very important in Ghana and this can be evidenced by the numerous national parks throughout the country. You can see birds of all species, monkeys, elephants, and all manner of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Accra is also an established cultural and economic hub of Ghana. Since the main port of Ghana is located here, this is essentially where all the trading is done. Interestingly enough, more than 70% of all manufacturing done at Ghana is done right in Accra. This city gas become the hub of Ghana because it has so much to offer. Your vacation must include a trip to Accra to be complete! Don't worry, there are plenty of things to do and see here. It's not all about the manufacturing and trading.

When to Travel – Weather

The climate here is warm, sunny, and has rain only twice a year during the rainy season. Still not convinced yet about Ghana as a holiday destination? Ghana is beautiful and enchanting all year round, but if you are adverse to heat and high levels of humidity, you might not want to go there during the summer months. It may be best to plan your trip in the fall or winter months when there is less rain and therefore much less humidity. The days are sunny and the nights are fairly cool during the winter, so pack appropriately! If you really don't mind heat and humidity, pack your lightest summer clothes, plenty of sun screen and bug spray and get going to Ghana!

Food and Drink

The staple foods of Ghana typically contain cassava and plantain in the south and millet and sorghum in the north. Foods all across Ghana include maize, yams, and beans. The Ghanaian diet is typically very starchy and either in sauce or soup form combined with meat.

Popular dishes in Ghana include the Fanti, which is a fermented corn dough and Kenkey which is the fermented corn dough wrapped with corn. Corn has a place at most tables in Ghana, as does lamb. Rice is also normally served with dishes and is prepared in a wide variety of ways. Rice is mashed, boiled, or cooked with spices.

Most of Ghanaian cuisine is served with a stew or soup and are full of exotic ingredients and a huge variety of spices. Vegetables used included peanuts, spinach, wild mushroom, eggplant, and tomatoes. All types of meat are consumed in Ghana, including seafood. Meat may be smoked, salted or dried for both flavor and preservation.

Popular Vacation Spots

Accra: If you are visiting Ghana, you must also include a trip to the capital city Accra. Here you can behold the fabulous forts, castles, and of course, all the nature reserves. The castles are home to a multitude of shows along with tours that are guided by experts in the region. This fascinating city was built in the 15th century, and welcomes tourists by the thousands each year. Being the main city of Ghana with an estimated 4.4 million residents, Accra is busy, bustling, and exciting. The historical attractions are limitless, and you would be hard put to find little to do in this exciting city.

Accra Center of National Culture: Also known as the “the Arts Centre,” the cultural center is situated in Accra. It is the tourist haven of Ghana. This is where tourists can get their shopping done. From woven cloth to arts and crafts, the cultural center has all of the goods tourists are looking for.

Beaches of Ada, Kakrobite, and Coco: The famous beaches of Ada, Kakrobite, and Coco are not to be missed for some relaxing time in the sun. Lie back and let your troubles float away in the sunshine abundant every day.

Kakrum National Park: The rain forest of Kakum National Park is easily accessible and truly beautiful. There are canopy covered walkways that offer stunning panoramic views of the flora and fauna, and the exotic animals that reside here. It is peaceful, tranquil, and an experience you must not miss. Make sure your sightseeing includes a visit to this National Park!

Elmina Castle and Fort St. Jago: The city of Cape Coast in the central recesses of Ghana once had a history of slavery and colonialism, but it is no longer in evidence now. There are no traces left of the dark history that was once Cape Coast City. Where once there were thousands of shackled slaves marching along the coastline, there is nothing but miles of beautiful scenery dotted with the fishermen of the area who are intent on making a living. Nothing of the past is left, and Cape Coast City in Ghana has moved forward in time.

Practical Information

Does all of this sound like the ultimate vacation for you? If so, remember that there are some things you have to prepare for before jumping on that flight to Ghana! Make sure that you have reservations completes at the place you want to stay. Accommodation prices can range anywhere from very low upward to slightly expensive depending on your choice of amenities and the hotel you choose. The Biriwa Beach Hotel is a popular spot for travelers, or you may want to reserve a room at the Bridge House which can be found across the way from Elmina Castle. Imagine waking up to the sight of a castle right outside your window!

There are plenty of airports located in Ghana that can make your trip quick and easy. Some of the better known ones include the Katoka International Airport, Yendi Airport, Sunyani Airport, Navrongo Airport and more. Cheap flights can be booked from any one of them and can get you to your preferred destination in a safe and timely fashion. In fact, you can arrange all your flights when you book your vacation through a travel agency before you leave home. That seems to be the simplest and most convenient way to do it, no matter where you may reside.

Tourism is a huge factor in the Ghana region, and there are several travel companies that provide exciting flight packages for you. These companies can book your flight, your hotel, and set you up with a schedule of sightseeing tours. You can also fly to other regions of interest in and around Ghana or any other parts of Africa that you just have to see at least once. The surrounding countryside is spectacular and the wildlife is a sight to behold! Be adventurous and take all the opportunities available to see Ghana at its finest.

Once you decide to make Ghana your travel destination, make sure you have everything in order before you actually schedule your vacation. Your passport must be up to date, get travel insurance, have all your needed vaccinations, and get health insurance as an added protection. Remember, you are traveling to another country entirely and need these things to remain healthy. Why risk getting sick and ruining something you are looking forward to? Make sure you pack the appropriate clothing according to the area and the time of year you will be traveling so that you are as comfortable as possible.

Before you even head to a travel agency, go online and research African holidays and get all the information you possibly can pertaining to a trip to Ghana. There are hundreds of websites you can visit, travel guides, reviews from people who has visited before, and lists and lists of accommodations, the best places to eat, what sights to see, and even pricing for the things you want to do. Preparations like this ahead of time will ensure that you have the best possible time in Ghana. Your travel agent can even be a great source of information, tips, and suggestions about your upcoming vacation. Enjoy Ghana and your trip to Africa!

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