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Zanzibar is the perfect African destination for lovers of exotic cultures and history.  Zanzibar is an archipelago off the east coast of Africa that is most noticeably influenced by Swahili and Islamic cultures. Stone Town serves as a major trade center, and offers beautiful 19th century architecture. You can visit museums and palaces such as the House of Wonders. Sunny beaches line the islands to the north, offering tranquil resorts to relax in. For more adventurous travelers, Zanzibar offers some of the best diving in the world. Coral reef surrounds the islands, allowing for a diverse variety of marine life.

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"History, beautiful beaches and great diving!"

Even though Zanzibar is well and truly on the tourist track, it's still an undeniably charming place. Loved the night market in Stone Town and just wandering the ancient streets, and the Indian Ocean beaches are picture perfect! Great diving too!
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Trusted Ranking

"Zanzibar- An Amazing Trip to Paradise"

For all lovers of culture and history, Zanzibar in Africa is a must. From the lovely 19th century architecture in Stone Town to the glorious sunny beaches on the northern islands, this really is an idyllic destination. Diving on the coral reef is one of the most popular past-times here.

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