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Rich in history, Namibia Africa is infamously known as the skeleton coast. Stay in the coastal front holiday houses and enjoy a spectacular fishing experience along the Atlantic coastline. Experienced hikers can test their skill along the Ugab river trail. See flora and fauna unaffected by the unforgiving climate, and brace yourself to be wowed by the natural springs and beautiful rock formations of Ugab river canyon,

For a different experience flights over the ship graveyard, Expose views of the shipwrecks during a short flight. Prefer land? Explore the coastline by 4x4 reaching Ugab and Huab riverbeds, home to rare species such as the brown hyena and the black – backed jackal provide a spectacular treat.

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I travelled through Namibia as part of a longer South/East African safari and at first it wasn't really on my radar. But I was blown away by the beauty of its landscapes (many of which are quite harsh and remote) and the photographic opportunities here are sensational.

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