• Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel or Tourism places an emphasis on the individual tour company and its trip participants to be respectful of the host country; its history, people, its cultural diversity and fragile natural resources.

Responsible Travel Tips:

  • Travel in a constant state of awareness, acceptance and respect
  • Learn helpful phrases in the local language and speak in native tongue whenever possible
  • Read and be informed about the destination, it’s history, culture, traditions etc before traveling
  • Respect local guidelines, regulations,  customs and taboos and abide by directions of local guides
  • Support local artisans, businesses and communities financially and socially
  • Ask questions, listen well and observe
  • Protect the environment - its flora, fauna and landscapes
  • Respect local cultures – traditions, religions and heritage
  • Conserve natural resources – from office to destination
  • Minimize your footprint – noise, waste disposal, recycling and consumption
  • In some small way, leave a positive impact by your presence
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