• Qinghai Lake, China

Qinghai Lake, China

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Qinghai Lake is the largest lake in China that stretches over 1600 square miles. Tour this lake to witness local agricultural practices along the banks.  The lake itself is known for its beautiful colors. Due to the salinity of the water, the aquatic life, and the reflections of the surrounding green mountains, the lake is alive with greens, blues, and yellows.  Bird watchers can visit Bird Island, a natural gathering point for thousands of birds. There are also opportunities to visit the homes of the Tibetan natives and experience their culture.  Qinghai Lake is also near the Silk Road, another must see Chinese landmark.

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"A naturally beautiful place!"

Last summer, I visited Qinghai Lake, China. It’s a stunning natural beauty hosting yaks, camels, and native herders who still live in tents. Blue skies stretch for as far as the eye can see, however it’s at the height of 3,000 meters so you must be well-prepared before your trip.

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