• Kadavu Island, Fiji

Kadavu Island, Fiji

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Fiji is a beautiful spot for a relaxing vacation. Kadavu is one of the islands in Fiji which is also known as fourth of the largest of the bunch. Kadavu Island is not very developed but it still offers natural beauty and wildlife at its best. It has recently also become well-known among travelers. Almost every explorer who has been to Fiji is a fan of diving at Kadavu Island. Snorkeling is another activity that you can enjoy at this place. Fiji is making more effort into making Kadavu a better spot for its visitors but if you are into wildlife you will not be disappointed. You will also find this place attractive if you like to take photographs of sunsets at beach spots. Kadavu Island will definitely become your favorite spots for traveling and exploring in no time.

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Kadavu is the fourth largest of the Fiji Islands. Nicely under-developed, it is becoming more and more popular with tourists, especially for snorkeling and diving. Nice beaches and sea views also make it a popular destination.

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