• Jenolan Caves - Australia

Jenolan Caves - Australia

Caving - Australia - Oceania

Jenolan Caves is located inside a range of the Mountains making it perfect for a day trip. Open every day, grant-winning Jenolan Caves is one of the world's most established and Australia's most recognized cave, with stunning developments and immaculate underground streams. Challenge seekers can appreciate an exhilarating 'Adventure Caving' background, creeping, crushing and moving in undeveloped caverns, with just their headlamp to light the way. After exploring caverns all day, tourists have the option to treat themselves to supper and an overnight stay in atmospheric lodging at the Jenolan Caves House.

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"Australia's Jenolan Caves is fabulous destiny"

The Jenolan Caves are located inside a mountain range and are a very spectacular sight to behold. The rock features are truly amazing and there are many underground streams flowing through the caves.

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