• Dordogne, France

Dordogne, France

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The Dordogne is one extraordinary region of France. Visiting Dordogne is discovering impressive views of natural beauty. It’s amazing how it dialogues so well with the human action. This region has over 1.500 beautiful castles and 400.000 years of history. Starting in prehistory, passing through Middle Age, Romanesque art, and Renaissance. But, the main attraction for those who like history is placed in Montignac, in the Lascaux cavern. Inside the cavern, prehistorical men produced one of the first signs of art. The region contains also many medieval and charming cities, like Sarlat, Domme and Beynac-et-Cazenac. The Dordogne offers also the possibility of enjoying the rich gastronomy. From this region departs France best products.

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"Dordogne is as a major"

Dordogne is as a major tourist attraction featuring alluring caves such as the caves of Lascaux and fascinating Roman ruins such as the Perigueux. The region is also remembered for hosting the Ever After (1998) film setting.
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"The Dordogne is just stunning!"

With over 400,000 years of history, the Dordogne region of France is simply amazing. There are many medieval villages, towns and cities and also more than 1,500 castles and chateaus. It is also famous for its rich gastronomic delights.

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