• Great Cities of the Maya

Great Cities of the Maya

Latin America
9 Days

Take a fascinating journey through the 2,000 year old history of the Mayan people, from the ancient days to the present. As you explore the ruins of the great Mayan cities of Tikal, Palenque, Yaxchilan, Bonampak and Piedras Negras, our guide highlights the history, legends and archeological finds of these ancient civilizations and the unique aspects of each: climb to the top of the impressive grand temples and pyramids of Tikal as you are “serenaded” by the howler and spider monkeys who live in the surrounding jungle canopy, and marvel at the intricate paintings at Bonampak which are still intact today. You learn about the way of life and customs of the modern Mayan people through authentic interactions: take in the scene of colonial Antigua’s atmospheric central park; enjoy lunch with a Mayan family in Xenotox; and learn about traditional weaving methods from a women's cooperative. After exploring, you spend the evenings in historical boutique hotels and native-style jungle lodges. This itinerary is great for archeological or history buffs or those who have witnessed the great pyramids of Egypt or Incan cities such as Machu Picchu.

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