• Festival Series: Paro Tsechu Active Adventure

Festival Series: Paro Tsechu Active Adventure

11 Days

Bhutan is the last Mahayana Buddhist Kingdom, and the teachings of this school of Buddhism are intrinsic to the daily life of its people. Here the spinning of prayer wheels, the murmur of mantras and the glow of butter lamps in the houses are still important features of the everyday life. The architecture in Bhutan is unique and charming with several old Dzongs (temples) built without a single nail. This cultural adventure introduces visitors to the rich Bhutanese culture in all it's glory at the Paro Festival, one of the most popular annual events in Bhutan. Be one of the few to experience the magical pilgrimage sites, traditional crafts and daily spiritual practice. Travel beautiful mountain roads, walk up to temples strategically placed on hills or rivers and search for bird life in the Gangtey Valley. This adventure can be modified to include mountain biking.


Bhutan is a country that epitomizes Wildland’s values; vibrant culture and unparalleled nature. These itineraries are meant to take advantage of the festivals that allow you to engage in the true culture of Bhutan while also incorporating hikes and treks at the best time of year for each route. That being said, we are always open to customizing trips so if you see an activity in one itinerary that you like more than the one listed, ask us!

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