• Wadi Sura, Egypt

Wadi Sura, Egypt

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The Cave of Swimmers in the rocky Desert Sahara is situated in the New Valley Governorate of southwest Egypt. It gets its name from its famous rock art which shows depictions of individuals with their limbs twisted in ways that suggest they are swimming. Many parts of the cave have been irreversibly damaged by visitors over the years. Pieces of the compositions have been evacuated as keepsakes and a few surfaces have split after water was connected to "improve" their difference for photos. Current graffiti have been recorded upon the wall and littering is an issue. Steps have been taken to lessen future harm via preparing aides and clearing litter from the region, yet this critical rock art site stays endangered in the wake of future disturbances by disruptive tourism.

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"Wadi Sura, Egypt- A Mesmerizing Place to Chill"

Otherwise known as the 'Cave of Swimmers', because of the rock art on the walls, this is a very popular tourist destination. Unfortunately, this has been its downfall as graffiti and littering are now big problems here which need to be addressed if this lovely place is to remain so.

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