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Valparaíso is known for being one of the most important seaports located in the South Pacific. Besides this amazing seaport, it’s also known as a potential touristic destination for being the second longest metropolitan area in Chile. This city is historically known for its geopolitical importance during the 19th century, where it represented an important filter for those who travelled across the “Estrecho de Magallanes”. In this spectacular city you can visit the oldest stock exchange in Latin America, as well as the first volunteered fire department in America. Lastly, it’s a potential educational destiny known for their universities:

  • Federico Santa María Technical University (UTFSM/USM)
  • Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso (UCV/PUCV)
  • Playa Ancha University of Educational Sciences (UPLA)
  • University of Valparaíso (UV)

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"Colourful bohemian streets"

Getting lost in Valparaiso's colourful streets is a "must" if you're visiting Chile - there's great street art everywhere, lots of little boutique galleries and cafes, and such a vibrant bohemian history about the place.

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