• Sri Lanka, Kitulgala

Sri Lanka, Kitulgala

Rafting - Sri Lanka - Asia

Many people travel to Sri Lanka to experience the many religions, ethnic groups, and languages found here. The Rivers & Lakes of Sri Lanka originate in the central highlands and flow down to the plains and eventually empty into the sea. Kitulgala is surrounded by forested hills as well as low wooded hills. Kitulgala is a place of lush vegetation and an abundance in wildlife. White water rafting is a theme activity in this area due to the many rivers as well as the nature adventures in plenty. 

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"Beautiful even outside of rafting season"

Wildlife Viewing
I stayed in a jungle lodge overlooking one of Kitulgala's rivers, waking to the sound of bird calls and the river rushing below. It wasn't the right season for rafting, but it was still an idyllic spot to stay!

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