• Rio Ebro, Spain

Rio Ebro, Spain

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Commanding the largest river basin in Spain, the Ebro flows through over 560 miles, passing through flood plains and coastal mountain, carving deep gorges along the way. The river is believed to be one of the best European fishing destinations. Its carp, catfish and zander fish attract tourists in large numbers, and welcome associated activities such as bird watching. Most lodges are located along the banks of the tranquil middle reaches of the Ebro, the more mountainous reaches being difficult to navigate. Boat tours are rapidly evolving into a major tourist activity at Rio Ebro, thanks to recent initiatives by private tourist companies.  

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"Rio Ebro, Great Kayaking"

Rio Ebro is one of the longest rivers in the Iberian Peninsula. It originates from Fontibre and it's Mediterranean climate males it suitable for kayaking or canoeing throughout the year.
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"Home Away From Home"

The Rio Ebro reminds me so much of a river close to my house in the United States, and it's just as peaceful. Fishing and kayaking both were amazing experiences in their own right, and are opportunities no one should pass up.

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