• Phong Nha Cave-Minh Hoa, Vietnam

Phong Nha Cave-Minh Hoa, Vietnam

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Phong Nha Cave is situated in Minh Hoa and Bo Trach Districts of Vietnam. One of the world's greatest and most excellent cave systems is Phong Nha in the Quang Binh Province. The system contains sixteen caverns crosswise over seventeen kilometers. Phong Nha has been a visitor destination for quite a long time, much sooner than it picked up UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2003. As a result of its geological separation, the tremendous cavern system pulled in the bravest travelers up to this point, when the development of the Ho Chi Minh Trail into an expressway opened up the Truong Son Region made Phong Nha more easily accessible. Presently, a great many individuals make the most of its peace as they float along the Son River.

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Phong Nha Cave is situated in the Min Hoa district of Vietnam and was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2003. There are 16 spectacular caves in total, covering 17 kilometres. A very popular tourist destination and well worth a visit.

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