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Biking - Okavango Delta - Africa

The Okavango Delta is where Africa meets oasis. Created as a result of the Okavango River flowing into the Kalahari Desert, this vibrant wetland has many natural wonders to explore. During the wettest months of the year for the delta (March through June), the oasis is at its largest. This is the best time to see the meeting of the arid, sandy, Kalahari Desert and the lush, green marshes. An entire ecosystem of plants, animals, and fish exist because of the delta. The most beautiful animals in Africa gather here, including elephants, hippos, leopards and zebras just to name a few.

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"Botswana's Gem"

Wildlife Viewing
One of my favourite places in Africa! The Okavango Delta is just incredible - from flying over its flooded landscapes and watching herds of wildlife below, to cruising between its islands in a mokoro canoe and watching sunset over the "Hippo Pool"!

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