• Mt Etna, Italy

Mt Etna, Italy

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Mount Etna is an active volcano, and it’s located in Catania, city of the Sicily Island, Italy. Is the most active volcano and also, the highest of Europe with over 3300 meters. Besides the super activity of the volcano, it doesn’t represent any danger to the population. Of all Sicily, 25% of the population live around Etna.  There are tours that lead tourists up to one volcano crater that’s open to visits. The ride requires courage and a reasonable physical preparation. The last eruption happens in December 2015 and it was the biggest and most violent activity of the last 20 years.

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Mt. Etna is an active stratovolcano situated between Catania and Messina. It is home to rich fertile orchards and vineyards on the lower slopes of the mountain. It is a nice tourist destination for skiers as it has lot os of ski resorts.

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