• Mount Elgon, Uganda

Mount Elgon, Uganda

Walking/Hiking - Uganda - Africa

Wagagai is the highest peak of Elgon. Mount Elgon has always been a favorite spot for tourists as it offers a spectacular view of nature. You will be awestruck by the wondrous scenery that Elgon overlooks. To preserve this place as a spot for tourists and visitors, the government has made special efforts and created recreational activities all around. There is also a park which will take you on a safari and add adventure to your trip. There are multiple luxury hotels around as well. Elgon is a beautiful blend of nature and human efforts. You can also enjoy trekking, rock-climbing at Elgon. It is also one of the most beautiful spots for photography. Elgon offers different activities for everyone and if you are looking for a spot for relaxation, Mount Elgon is definitely it. 

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