• Mergui Archipelago

Mergui Archipelago

Cruising - Burma - Asia

The Mergui Archipelago is located southern Burma and consists of over 800 islands.  Only opened for tourism in 1997, this area is a treasure trove of exciting things to do.  You can take a short cruise to Ranong or Phuket, both in Thailand.  Several of the islands have huge boulders and soft coral reefs, making it a great diving destination.  There are a few live-aboard cruises providing their services, as the remote location would be difficult to navigate without a guide.  There is exotic sea life to see including nurse sharks, sting rays, manta rays, ribbon eels, as well as lobsters, crabs, and shrimp.  The diving conditions are optimum from November to April, and the whale sharks and manta rays migrate through from February to May.

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