• Lascaux Caves – Motignac, France

Lascaux Caves – Motignac, France

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Lascaux is a setting of a complex of caves in southwestern France that are world famous for their cave art of the Paleolithic form. The original caves are located near the village of Montignac and contain some of the most famous works of Upper Paleolithic art. These well-known works of art date back to 17,300 years and are a great asset to historians and paleo-anthropologists alike. They consist of pictures of animals that lived around the time the art was made. Tourists enjoy emersing themselves in the glory of the past by viewing these treasures preserved in time.

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Lascaux Caves are situated in southwestern France, existing as a complex of caves and constituting prominent Paleolithic cave paintings of large animals believed to have existed a long time ago. Approximately 2000 figures exist in the cave grouped as human figures, abstract signs, and animals.

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