• Lake Baikal, Mongolia

Lake Baikal, Mongolia

Fishing - Mongolia - Asia

Lake Baikal the oldest and deepest freshwater lake in the world. Its origins are dated as far back as 25 million years ago. An expansive water body in south eastern Siberia, it houses countless unique and exotic species of fish that can’t be spotted elsewhere in the world. Its crystal clear waters, surreal snow-capped surroundings, and the largely preserved self-reliant local culture it has retained, make it a destination worthy of bucket lists. Lake Baikal is ideal for travelers who prefer unplugged getaways. Comfortable accommodation can be found in the nearby village of Listvyanka, leaving the immediate surroundings of the lake free from excessive tourist activity.  

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Mongolia is an experience – limitless vistas, unspoiled nature, and the feeling you really have gotten away from it all. Went fishing on a lark. Facilities are a little spare by US standards, but that adds a little back-in-the-day adventure. Caught several fish I didn't recognize and one medium pike – very worth it!

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