• Ladakh, India

Ladakh, India

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Ladakh is located in India, between Tibet and Pakistan and is an arid region. Gray mountains and blue rivers provide an amazing landscape and a real meeting with the silence. Visiting Ladakh, the highest habited place on Earth is getting to know Buddhists monasteries and nomads. The best period to visit the region is between May and October, when the weather is still reasonable. In other times of the year, the temperature falls drastically and roads aren’t always available. But, even with the rigorous weather, in February happens the Dosmoche Festival, two days of celebration and sacred dances.

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"Breathtaking scenery and warm villagers"

Wildlife Viewing
I spent a few days trekking through Ladakh and it was just magical. The scenery is breathtaking and all the local homestay owners greeted me so warmly at the end of a long day walking - such a perfect combination!

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