• Lütchine River, Switzerland

Lütchine River, Switzerland

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The Lütchine River is located in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. It begins where its two tributaries join and flow eight miles to Lake Brienz in Bönigen. Daytime in the winter, and interesting phenomenon can be observed. The west facing side of the river is dark, shaded and cold, while the east facing side is bright, sunny and light. A story told tells of a friendly banter between the two sides. Those on the east said their neighbors were so dirty it turned the river black, while those on the opposite side said those on the east never bathed, which kept their side perfectly white.

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"Lutchine River Rafting"

Lutchine River is situated in Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. It has two tributaries; the Schwarze Lütschine and Black Lütschine. The river is uniquely dark on the Schwarzer Lütschine valley and bright on the Weisser Lütschine valley during the day. I've rafted it on a number of occasions and it's a great river for whitewater goers.

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