• The Kverkfjöll ice cave - Iceland

The Kverkfjöll ice cave - Iceland

Caving - Iceland - Europe

Found marginally north east of the Vatnajökull ice sheet, Kverkfjöll is around a 3km (1.8 miles) venture by walking from the Sigurðarskáli hut toward the end of the street. This is portrayed as a spot where fire and ice meet up. The mountain reach is 1,764 meters high and the mountains are still dynamic volcanoes. There is an expansive hot magma chamber underneath the mountains that prompts the source of the ice caverns. This is a spot where guests can witness a marvelous regular wonder as a hot river streaming underneath the icy cold ice. Nonetheless, in light of the fact that substantial pieces of ice sometimes tumble from the rooftop, it is suggested that guests be careful and enjoy the site at their own risk.

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"Still an active volcano!"

Still an active volcano, The Kverkfjoll is known to produce hot springs. The region is currently considered quite risky due to the signs of collapse portrayed by the caves. There is also a considerable accumulation of magma underneath the mountains.

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