• Kola Peninsula, Russia

Kola Peninsula, Russia

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The Kola Peninsula is located in the northernmost reaches of European Russia. Though well within the Arctic Circle, this landform does not experience very frigid winters, owing to the water bodies it is surrounded by. Other Arctic attribute – Northern Lights and Polar Night Blankets for instance – are well in place here. The Kola Peninsula is covered dense tundra forests, which are home to a wide range of flora and fauna. River rapids coursing through the peninsula bring in a variety of fish as well, making the region a popular ecotourism destination. A rich history, manifest in remains of ancient civilizations, adds to the unique Kola experience.

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Kola Peninsula is situated in the far northwest of Russia. The region is characterized by high temperatures in winter and high winds as a result of its proximity to the Gulf Stream. Also, the region is rich in minerals and beautiful vegetation.

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