• Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Multisport - Alaska - USA

Prepare your coat, because the Kenai Peninsula may be a freezing experience. This peninsula is in Alaska, and offers deep contact with wildlife, mountains and giant ice fields. Two parks of Kenai are unmissable: Kenai Fjords National Park and Kachemak Bay State Park. Kenai Fjords is the freezing one, where you have the opportunity of kayaking and ride in a boat tour. In Kachemak Bay State Park, the experience is wide: mountains, forests, glaciers, etc. There is possible to fishing, boating, hiking, etc. While planning your trip, be aware of the climate of the region that you’ll be visiting and take the appropriate clothing to enjoy your adventure.

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"From fishing to hiking, you"

Wildlife Viewing
From fishing to hiking, you can do it all in Kenai Peninsula. it's beautiful and serene and a wonderful illustration of the beauty of nature.

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