• Keahole Point, Hawaii

Keahole Point, Hawaii

Diving - Hawaii - USA

Almost all of us have dreamt of visiting the colorful and lively Hawaii with its spectacular beaches and relaxing vibes. Among many of the best spots, Hawaii offers Keahole Point. Keahole Point is located on the Western side of the country. Keahole Point is not very populated and wildlife remains untouched at this place. Keahole definitely looks like a place from some perfect movie with its romantic sea waves gushing against the rocks, maybe even better. It can be a great spot to drop all your worries, lay back and enjoy a quiet time by yourself. It is also a great spot for swimming, diving, and even photography. You will not regret visiting this spot because Keahole offers a wide natural scene which will instantly set your mood right to explore more and more.

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"Spectacular fish!!"

Wildlife Viewing
Went for a late afternoon/night dive, beautiful, beautiful reef to explore – lots of colorful reef fish, garden eels, and green sea turtles. Mantas came out at night, tons of them and all graceful and serene. Morays at night also and they're aggressive feeders, Keahole was a wonderful show.

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