• Kartchner Caverns – Arizona

Kartchner Caverns – Arizona

Caving - Arizona - USA

Kartchner Caverns offer you an experience full of beautiful limestone caves in Southeastern Arizona. Discovered in 1974, Kartchner Caverns is home to a wide variety of unique minerals and formations. Water percolates from the surface and calcite formations continue to grow, including stalactites dripping down like icicles and giant stalagmites reaching up from the ground. Tour guides unveil this fascinating underground landscape during a memorable tour. The Discovery Center features museums exhibits, a large gift shop, regional displays, theater, and educational information about the caverns and the surrounding landscape. There are also campgrounds, hiking trails, lockers, shaded picnic areas, a deli, an amphitheater, and a hummingbird garden.

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"Incredible underground beauty"

This is a sights and sounds caving experience, not an adventure one and I love it! Lots of minerals, crystals, weird flowing formations that the guide explained but I forgot the names of – very impressive! Two recommendations: make a reservation and don't bring your camera (no photos allowed).

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