• Kakadu National Park, NT

Kakadu National Park, NT

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Kakadu National Park is a living landscape of the ecology and biodiversity native to northern Australia. A 20,000 square kilometer stretch, Kakadu includes everything from estuaries to floodplains to rocky ridges, all of which house a number of indigenous species of flora and fauna. Local tribes continue to inhabit the land, illustrating a deep connection with it that spans tens of thousands of years. Kakadu features on UNESCO’s World Heritage List thanks to its unique natural and cultural attributes. Tourists can engage in swimming, walking trails, fishing, boat cruises and bird watching. There is no dearth of accommodation at Kakadu, right from camps to well-maintained hotels and resorts.

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Kakadu is breathtaking! The last time I went it was just for a day trip and I really regretted not staying longer. It's quite extensive and there's a lot to see, and the landscape completely changes between the wet and dry seasons.

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