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Ionian Sea

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The Ionian Sea is bounded by southern Italy, Albania, and Greece, and is full of small islands.  These islands belong to Greece, and they are a beautiful place to spend a few days.  Ferries run between Patra’s and Igoumenitsa, Greece, and Brindisi and Ancona, Italy that cross the east and north of the Ionian Sea.  Walk through the olive groves and spend a few hours touring Sissi’s palace, a well preserved piece of history.  For more beautiful architecture, visit the Paleokastritsa Monastery in Corfu.  Or visit the innumerable beautiful beaches offered by the many islands.  The locals offer many boat trips to remote beaches and caves, where you can spend the day enjoying the sand and sun and local cuisine.

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"The Ionian Sea exists as an"

The Ionian Sea exists as an elongated embayment of the Mediterranean Sea bordering Italy to and Albania. The sea’s main Islands such as Ithaca, Zakynthos, Corfu, and Kephalonia are legally declared to be owned by Greece hence bearing the name “Ionian Islands.” The picturesque blue sea is breaththaking

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