• Inside Passage - Alaska Cruise

Inside Passage - Alaska Cruise

Cruising - Alaska - USA

Go beyond the dollar on the inside passage of the Alaska Cruise. Outside of your onlooking tour this cruise offers experiences beyond any other. Challenge your skills with supervised Kayaking, take an escape with flightseeing, view Bear’s up close and be mesmerized as you view whales in their natural habitat. Dogsledding is a favourite of activities in this Glacier surrounding location. Protective of its ecosystem Inside Passage Alaskan Cruises offer the cruise participant more than what is expected. Witness falling ice from glaciers as it projector slides toward the ocean only to sprout back through the air again, a vision that will capture everyone.

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The Inside Passage is the main route used by ocean vessels due to its good and serene weather. The beautiful scenery is an added bonus.

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