• Inca Trail, Peru

Inca Trail, Peru

Walking/Hiking - Peru - Latin America

Inca Trail, which is also called Camino Inka or Camino Inca, is a popular trail that passes through many environments and overlaps three other beautiful trail routes; Mollepata, One day, and Classic. The trek passes through the mountainous areas, the lush valleys and, the sub-tropical jungle which creates a stunning and breathtaking experience. The original Inca construction is left untouched and the ruins, tunnels, archeological sites, and stones give a remarkable historical experience for the visitors. The trail is 26 miles and has constant buzz of visitors from around the world, visitors enjoy this prepossessing escapade through the Andean environments such as the alpine tundra and cloud forest.

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One of the world's great multi-day walks, the Inca trail offers breathtaking scenery, captivating ruins and the opportunity to witness sunrise over Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate. If you can't secure a permit for the Inca Trail, then the Lares Trek is a great alternative, with the chance to interact with the local communities a bit more.

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