• Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam

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Halong Bay is the most visited place in Vietnam and is a World Heritage, fact that points already how amazing visiting this place might be. There are over 3000 small calcareous islands along the bay, most of them inhabited and preserved of the human action. Thousands of years ago, all the area was under the sea, that’s why these islands are an ocean formation. Boating in the bay leads to several caves with kilometers walking ways inside, each cave has its particularity. Another amazing surprise is the floating villages, where the Halong Bay habitants live. Their houses are colored, which brings an interesting look to the bay.

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"Visit Halong Bay's villages"

The dramatic limestone islands of Halong Bay rising from the water really are spectacular, but the part I loved most was visiting the village communities who make a living within this landscape.

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