• Gunung Tahan, Malaysia

Gunung Tahan, Malaysia

Walking/Hiking - Malaysia - Asia

Malaysia is a well-known country among tourists for its cultural richness and mountain ranges. GunungTahan is the highest peak of the Peninsular Malaysia. Even the local climbers like to visit it from time to time. GunungTahan is a great place for mountain-climbing and adventure. It is a long one but an easy trek. It is said that Gunung turns very cold at night as well. There are forests and small lakes all around which bring more color to this mountain series. If you are a fan of nature, you ought to visit this place. The atmosphere is full of positive vibes and you can drop all worries and have a great time here. It is also a great spot for photography because you can capture some of the best scenes. There are many other spots around which are of great interest to tourists as well.

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