• Grottes d'Andranoboka, Madagascar

Grottes d'Andranoboka, Madagascar

Caving - Madagascar - Africa

Grottes d'Andranoboka is the collective name of many caverns of the range. Anjohibe is the specific name of the south eastern cave system. It is the first name of the greatest and easiest to discover cave entrance. This framework has 13 doors and is more than 5 km long with numerous sections. The other cave system, two kilometers separated is called Anjohikely. It is possible to visit this cavern, which is said to be better protected, due to a smaller number of guests. The caves have a rich measure of speleothems, helicites, aragonite gems and beautiful calzite. An underground waterway in the lower parts of the hollow framework is home to many cherished creatures like eels and turtles. Due to the numerous passages, there is additionally a rich fauna in the cave's dry parts. Little rodents, snakes (pythons of lovely size), fowls of prey, sweet water turtles and numerous different flying creatures live in the hole. The Vazimba are individuals which lived around there and vanished long time ago. They are a distant memory, yet they are said to hunt the region. The Malagasy living around Anjohibe Cave claims, that spirits of Vazimba dwell inside of the caves. The Anjohibe is exceptionally prominent with adventure tour administrators, which is the normal approach to visiting it. The administrators make day trips, for example from Mahajanga, to the caverns.

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