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Great Wall, China

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Among the Seven Wonders of the World is Great Wall of China. The much anticipated Great Wall measures approximately 8850 km. The Great Wall is a result of many different fortifications which started in the earliest of times. It has become one of the favorite spots for tourists from all around the world and the government of China takes great care of it. In earlier times, the wall was made of stones and sand only but now it is renovated with bricks. Some even claim that you can see this wall from the moon as well. The Great Wall of China is a great spot to visit with family or even with friends. It is definitely a long trek nonetheless one with interesting adventure and experience. It is also a good spot to take up photography on.

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"History+hiking not to be missed!"

I only got 1 day to explore and I felt like I needed more. Went to the section at Jiankou, which is a little off the beaten track, more wild, more like ruins in some places. The sense of scale is AMAZING!!! Got hit by a crazy rain storm out of nowhere, the weather can be fierce but always worth it.
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"Hike from Jinshanlint to Simatai"

While the sections of the Great Wall around Badaling and Mutinayu can get quite crowded with other tourists, there's some great treks along quieter sections, including the 10km hike from Jinshanlint to Simatai.

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