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Galapagos Islands

Cruising - Galapagos Islands - Latin America

Galapagos Islands, situated in Pacific Ocean consists a groups of nineteen islands surrounded by rich marine reserve, which mostly is known as living museum and showcase of evolution. Out of those nineteen, two must be explored namely, Santa Cruz and Isabela Islands. Its naturally amusing ambience makes it one of the best sites to visit such as Los Gemelos, craters due to volcanic eruption; a mystified adventurous Lava Tunnel; Rancho Primicias, a tortoise ranch. Also try cliff jumping at Las Grietas and explore the marine beauty at Punta Estrada. Tourists come here to see its unique existence of natural beauty, its waterfalls, beaches, amazing flora and fauna.

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"Best Summer Spot"

If you're looking for a tropical spot for a vacation, the Galapagos islands are the place to be without a doubt, especially Santa Cruz. There's no shortage of things to do or wildlife to see. Definitely one of the best spots for an entertaining experience.

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