• Fraser Island, Queensland

Fraser Island, Queensland

Multisport - Australia - Oceania

Visiting any Island is itself and interesting experience. But Fraser Island, exceed all the expectations.  First of all, it’s the biggest sand island in the world, with over 127km of extension. Second, it’s a World’s Heritage. To complete, Fraser Island offers uncounted activities for tourists take advantage of this incredible place: snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming and fishing. With a rainforest that grows from the sand all over the territory, the four rides is an unmissable adventure. Find out a few crystal lakes from the over 40 spread over the island. To get the rest, you can choose a natural accommodation, unique opportunity of being surrounded by the wildlife.

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Fraser Island is an amazing place and one of my favourite eco-tourism destinations in Australia! The sands are just such a brilliant white, the wildlife abundant and the freshwater lakes ideal for swimming.

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