• France/Spain: The Pays Basque

France/Spain: The Pays Basque

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The Pays Basque is a Spanish word given to the place where the Basque people live, it is situated in the area between France and Spain. The name has been documented from the oldest of time and dates back to as far as the 16th century.  The communities in Basque Country, Navarre in Spain, and the Northern Basque in France make up the total area of this place. The Pays Basque is a beautiful place, where the towns have been constructed upon small hills. It is popular for it scenic beauty.

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"Pays Basque, at the border of"

Pays Basque, at the border of Spain and France is a warm, humid, and wet oceanic region that’s home to cities like Bilbao, Pamplona, and Vitoria-Gasteiz. Also featured in the area are various types of sports including football, rugby, cycling, surfing, and jai-alai.
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"When it comes to scenic views"

When it comes to scenic views, the Pays Basque is definitely one of the most fulfilling places to be. There's so much to see from any given spot, and every spot has something unique to offer.

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