• Flinders Ranges National Park, South Australia

Flinders Ranges National Park, South Australia

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Ikara-Flinders National Park is the biggest range of mountains of South Australia. The most impressive landscape of the park is Ikara, a natural amphitheater with 80 km². Previously called “Wilpena Pound”, both names mean “meeting place”. Ikara is the name in Adnyamathanha language, people that during a thousand of years populated that area. The Adnyamathanha is the Australian indigenous, that lived in extremely contact with the ground and nature. To get to know these people’s history, hire cultural tours and learn about the lifestyle of Adnyamathanha. The park has several campgrounds and is a perfect area to be surrounded by wildlife. You can practice bushwalking, camping and cycling.

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"A hidden Aussie gem!"

Wildlife Viewing
I think this is a really underestimated destination in Australia - it's wildly beautiful and has that remote outback tranquility. Saw loads of wildlife too - especially loved the emus!

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