• Dongzhong Cave-Guizhou, China

Dongzhong Cave-Guizhou, China

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The Dongzhong Cave is situated in a small village called Mao in Ziyun County, China. The Dongzhong Cave has been a place of learning since 1984. It was formed from thousands of years of carving by the wind, water, and seismic shifts and is clearly a beautiful and unique place to get an education, but the people of Miao didn’t choose it for its beautiful view alone. The southwest region that Miao is found in is one of the poorest provinces of China. Food and water shortages caused by desertification and drought have left the region regularly struggling to keep its people alive. The lack of everything else needed to live has also translated into a lack of educational resources. For most children in the province, going to school is not an option. With little to no support available from the government, the people of Miao decided to take education into their own hands. Lacking resources to build, they decided to make one cave into their elementary school, naming it Mid-Cave Primary School. Dongzhong was opened in 1984, employing 8 teachers to teach 186 students. Yet despite its bare interior, teachers have found several natural benefits of teaching there.

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