• Dolomites, Italy

Dolomites, Italy

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The Dolomites, in Italy, is an imposing gray mountain range. The contrast with the blue sky, green grass, and vegetation that surrounds it results in a wonderful view. With highest concentration of limestone formations, The Dolomites contributes highly to understanding passed eras of the earth history. The importance of it was internationally recognized by UNESCO, with a Worlds Heritage title. This mountain range has over 3.000 meters and 18 peaks. The most common activities of The Dolomites are climbing routes, hiking, cycling. To enjoy the local culture, is obligatory to visit one of the cities around Dolomites and taste their traditional food, participate in music festivals and visit the museum.

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"Also called the “Pale"

Also called the “Pale Mountains” because of the carbonate rock dolomite, the Dolomites are a major nerve center for recreation, hosting a number of activities including skiing during the winter season, hiking, base jumping, mountain climbing, and climbing.

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