• Deer Cave – Borneo, Malaysia

Deer Cave – Borneo, Malaysia

Caving - Borneo - Asia

Deer Cave is located near Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia and is a great tourist attraction. The cave gets its name from the deer that came to lick salt rocks and take shelter in these rock enclaves. The landscape attracts 25,000 visitors annually from countries all over the world. The cave can be accessed through the Miri National Park or by means of a special boat that must be booked in advance. You can access the Deer Cave by walking a 3 km passage that passes through various places like a swamp, limestone, outcrops etc. which is an experience thoroughly enjoyed by tourists. There is minimal lighting inside the cave and tourists are recommended to use personal flashlights for darker regions. The cave also features a rock structure that resembles Abraham Lincoln.

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