• Corhu River, Turkey

Corhu River, Turkey

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The Corhu River begins in north-eastern Turkey, at the Mescit Mountains. Following the river on its journey you’ll come across the cities of Baypurt, Ispir, Yusufeli, and Artvin, before reaching Georgia, where the Corhu meets the Black Sea. The area of the Corhu is a biodiversity hotspot, teaming with many plants and birds, some of which are threatened and native to Turkey. The Corhu has been called Turkey’s last remaining wild river and is truly a gem and an experience both emotionally and aesthetically pleasing.  

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"Corhu River rises in the"

Corhu River rises in the Mescit Mountains and flows into and out of cities like Yusufeli, Artvin, Bayburt. The area is a great recreational hub known to attract a number of rafters and kayakers from all over the globe. The area is also a potential source of hydroelectric energy.

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