• Chattooga River, South Carolina

Chattooga River, South Carolina

Rafting - South Carolina - USA

The Chattooga River is the main tributary of the Tugalo River. Its headwater is located southwest of Cashiers, North Carolina, and it stretches 57 miles and 39.8 miles of the river have been designated “wild” so you won’t miss out on the animals. The river helps serve as part of the boundary between Georgia and South Carolina. The Chattooga is a free-flowing river with no upstream dam to control the flow. In the late spring, the river is lined with blooming pink and white mountain laurel. Early spring is also a great time for water activity because of the higher flows and cooler temperatures.

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"This is the major tributary"

This is the major tributary forming Tugaloo River. It originates from the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains composed of granite rocks and offers a serene pool for swimming.

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