• Blue Grotto – Capri, Italy

Blue Grotto – Capri, Italy

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Capri holds a fortune: it is the Blue Grotto, a gem found long back by the Roman heads. Not by chance, they were far located and took advantage of the entrance of the cave, regularly covered up by the tides to make their own particular private normal pool. By students of the history of the times, Emperor Tiberius built a section connecting his home to the cave, regardless of the possibility that the passage - which most likely later broken down - was never found. The ruler utilized the hole as a "Sea nymphaeum". Near the passageway are the remaining parts of a roman harbor that can be seen today.

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"Blue Grotto is is a sea cave"

Blue Grotto is is a sea cave on Capri Island’s coast . The cavern has a unique lighting which is believed to be the result of a blue reflection created by the penetration of sunlight rays through the sea water and underwater cavity.

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