• Black Forest, Germany

Black Forest, Germany

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Black Forest is the biggest nature park in Germany and one of the main destination for vacations. The name comes from the dark green trees spread through hills and valleys.  In the park you may find vineyards, stunning landscapes and very calm spots. Black Forest is divided in two parts: in northern- central is The Naturpark Mitte/Nord, and in southern the Naturpark Südschwarzwald. Both are separated by Triberg city, that holds an amazing waterfall with 163 meters and 7 cascades. The Feldberg Mountain is the highest mountain of Black Forest, with over 1400 meters of height. This was the first place of skiing in central Europe.

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"Famous for spas and cuckoo"

Famous for spas and cuckoo clock production, Black Forest is a mountainous region with conspicuous sandstone cover with granite and gneiss. It is a significant hub for mining of minerals like lead, zinc, barite, silver and fluorite.

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