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Bay of Biscay

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The Bay of Biscay is a gulf of the northeast Atlantic Ocean along the western coast of France and the northern coast of Spain. It is mainly famous as a host of marine mammals. Biscay Dolphin Research takes care of the whales and dolphins to make sure they are not in danger. It is also a great spot to study beaked whales. There are also many round trips to see them as well as the seabirds.

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Wildlife Viewing
We've done plenty of whale watching in Hawaii, Bay of Biscay was a worthwhile change. Sea transit was much rougher, we hit a couple storms going from Portsmouth to Bilbao – be ready for some waves! But we saw fin whales and lots of different sea birds, too many to keep track of. Recommend.
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"Bay of Biscay"

Off the western coast of Europe and bordered by France and Spain, the Bay of Biscay is known for rough seas during the rainy season, but otherwise good for sailing. Several rivers like the Loire, Adour, Dordogne, and Garnne flow into the bay, forming the lovely Gironde estuary

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