• Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

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Bali is a large island of the Indonesian archipelago that seems more like a paradise. With over 5 km², the island has a friendly weather all the year, what makes it a very attractive destiny to tourists. Bali holds wonderful surprises for those that are willing to explore the many crystal water beaches spread through the island. In the sea or inland, the natural beauties are stunning. The sea offers unforgettable experiences to have fun with the kids and swimming in coral pools. The adventure surfers can enjoy the Kuta Beach to train their abilities.  On land, the trip is among tropical forest, extinct volcanoes and waterfalls.

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"Indonesia's tourism hub"

Although Bali has rapidly transformed in the last few years as a major hub of tourism in Indonesia, there's still plenty of opportunity to discover its unique Hindu culture and lush volcanic landscapes. Add to that a great choice of accommodation to suit all types of traveller!

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