• Ang Thong National Marine Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park

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The 40-some jagged jungle islands of Ang Thong Marine National Park stretches across the Cerulean Sea like a beautiful piece of artwork. Located in the Gulf of Thailand this marine park was established in 1980. February, March and April are the best months to visit this ethereal preserve of greens and blues. The crashing monsoon waves mean that the park is almost always closed during November and December. All the islands offer different beauty and some offer amenities such as ranger stations, bungalows, shops, and spas.

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"Paddling, Snorkeling, and Hiking Pristine Thailand"

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Ang Thong is a jewel of Thailand. I made a day-trip here from Ko Pha Ngan, and it was arguably my best day in the country. Arguable only because I had many great days. Snorkeling in warm waters, opportunities for kayaking under and between limestone cliffs, an easy but exceptional hike to a point where all the park is in view, and monkeys with babies in their arms in the treetops on the way down. Go!

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